Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sundance was great. My first narrative short film, Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke was selected and premiered in Shorts Program 5. It was super silly out there, Uncle Luke got to come out for a few days. Luke even annouced that 2Live Crew was getting back together.

Program 5 was called "the weird one." But that's cool by us. Other favorites from my program were Bobby Yeah and Talmut.

Lots of free junk you don't really need but like is given out at festivals. The best merch providers were Timberland and Burt's Bees. Please give me so much Burt's Bees that I become one slimy girl. I won't even have to walk anywhere, I can just glide on through doorways on that stuff.

Click on the links to see what people wrote about Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke.
Some of our favorite writings include:

Uncle Luke is an incredibly original film, both in terms of its tone and the technique of its storytelling… Uncle Luke really taps into the popular culture of a specific generation, and it has a very healthy disrespect for convention and authority.” - Sundance Programmer

Life and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke is undeniably entertaining, whether you get the cultural references or not. It is a smart and intricately self-reflexive example of what cultural theorist Jim Collins has called ‘the perpetual circulation and recirculation of signs that form the fabric of postmodern cultural life.’ Mayer and her collaborator are quintessential bricoleurs. In Uncle Luke, street-credible slang and classic booty beats reconstruct a landmark of film history. High and low, art and entertainment, fiction and reality become multiple facets of an intellectually-integrated work that specifically depends on cultural quotation. The parallels are both narrative and structural. Whereas La Jetee is constructed from stills, referencing the psychological relationship between photography and memory,Uncle Luke draws from the nostalgia power of Mayer’s two dimensional boards.” - Art Papers review Annie Hollingsworth

We made this short film on a shit budget and filmed whenever we could get the most access to free things. I am happy people enjoy it. Film is a labor of love and whenever I am in it, I never want to do it again. But as soon as it's done, I am day dreaming about the next project.