Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th, go away.

Right now, I am really fired up.
today is Fri the 13th. I am an aerial acrobat by latest hobby/semi career.
I learned a new 2-story vertical drop today, which doesn't really make sense yet to my brain, all i know is
that i hold on tight, hope everything is wrapped correct, and then let go and fall. I open my eyes when its all over and feel
like a good student for not dying.
i also rear-ended an old lady today while driving to a dinner i did not want to attend.
my mother got mad at me because all she wants to talk about is emotions, which are not real.
she is unreal.

i walk my little dog on poop journeys around the neighborhood that are too rushed for her to get to enjoy her
bathroom break, i even feel how rushed they are and i have much less of an agenda than she.
I am not sure if she even gets to poop. I actually haven't seen her do it in days.

We used to live with a dog named Basil. Basil got a letter from the president. Above is a picture.

today my dog, Shivers, met her new neighbor and boyfriend, his name is Nacho and he is studly.
my dog and I are in love simultaneously with others and each other. its a special day.

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