Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Working on a spread for Faesthetic #13

I had first come across an issue of Faesthetic when in NY several years back. Three weeks ago, I was contacted to be in it! The theme for the lucky #13 issue is LUCK. Cover art will be done by Mike Giant, and submissions by awesome people like Mark Mothersbaugh.

Be sure to order your issue if you don't live in a city where you can pick it up.

Sadly, I am awful at photoshop. Its taking me 2 hours to do something that would take the average 5 year old 2 minutes to do in Adobe CS5. I wish I was a tech savy kiddie.

I have to turn this bright image of parrot colors into a black, white and purple image.Oh goodness.
While doing research for this project, I found out it's only $20,000 to buy a hot air balloon.

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