Friday, January 14, 2011

Showing at Vox Populi in Philly

Jan. 7th 2011, Vox Populi Gallery


Friday, January 7, 7 pm

Our first annual video festival, a screening juried by Rachel Cook. The videos will be looped through the month of January.

Karen Ostrom, The End
Julia Sherman, The Audience Reacts
David Politzer, A Rousing View of Nature's Magnificence
Kara Dunne, Ag dul sios an Straighre
Katie Cercone, Queen Candy Bile
Justin Lincoln, 09/22/2010 blogmix
Skote, Dump
Justin Lincoln, Color Grid I
Jillian Mayer, How My Best Friend Died
Julia Landois, Indelible
Esfandyar Poozesh, Eden
Skote, Treasure Island
Tara Kelton, Time Travel
Jessica Mallios, 1:1
Skote, Catalogue
David Politzer, You Are Listening to Metallica Because...

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