Monday, April 4, 2011

Borscht Film Festival/ New Project$ & Neat Thing$/ Uncle Luke/ Strange Grandparents/ Fabric Workshop/

Here is a still from my new video, debuting at the Family Matters at show on Saturday!
Entitled, I Am Your Grandma, which is a gift to my unborn grandchild. Thank you WildChild World for your costumes and talent that blows minds on the daily.


I am honored to get a short film commission from Borscht!!!!!

Here is some press on the festival:

Miami Art Zine

Here is a still from my Borscht Film Festival commission.

Luther Campbell (Uncle Luke) from 2Live Crew shines brightly in this new and werid art film extravanga.

Read about it:





To make this year even better, Carlos Rigau's Kissing, Fighting, Dancing travels from the de la Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space to Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philly. This is my second video to ever play in Philly!!! Man, I miss it over there! Sesion 31!!!!! Check out this amazing free podcast of my talented friend, Dj Skeme Richards if you love PA too!

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